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Chaverim Boys Choir Live!

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Vol. 1: Backstage with CBC


Step behind the curtains. Come on backstage.

Meet the Chaverim Boys Choir, twenty-five boys like you and me - each of whom dances to a very different beat.

In this fast-moving, exciting story of everyone's favorite choir, you'll zoom in on the lives of the stars themselves - fun-loving kids who deal with the fears and the challenges that all kids face:

Pesach Werner has a secret. Coming from generations of chazzanim, everyone thinks he's the perfect choir member. Only he knows of his horrible stage fright. Will he ever be able to quiet the butterflies in his stomach?
Mendy Horowitz is the youngest choir member. At choir rehearsals he's one of the guys, but back home, he's treated like a baby. How can he get his family to take him seriously?
Meir Krauss loves to sing. But there's a sour note his life - his sister Kayla and her jealousy. His grandfather helps him stay on tune. How will Meir manage once his grandfather is gone?

Practices and performances...traveling and touring...

Come Backstage with CBC. Meet the boys, and let the fun begin!

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ISBN 978-1-56871-496-7
Author Chaya Rosen
Cover type Hardcover
Pages 211

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