A Fortunate Find, by popular children's author Rivkah Small, is the second book in the Double Trouble Mystery Series. When three young boys try to unravel the mystery regarding tampered messages in fortune cookies at the local kosher Chinese restaurant, readers are left with some surprising and even dangerous discoveries!

Jewish Joy Reading finds the plot of the "adorable, mystery chapter book" to be all-encompassing and engaging to young readers of various ages:

"I liked the plot a lot. The fact that the mystery was somewhat Torah-based, but not really and that there was good ethic in it as well. There are also some funny lines that seem to have gotten in there for the inevitable more mature reader."

The story's main characters are boys, so while the book may inherently be a bit more boy-oriented, it is "intelligent literature" that is appropriate for "any newer reader that is starting on chapter books."

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