"For a psychiatrist to question a patient about her parents and her past to gain insight into her anger or alcoholism is commonplace. But when the psychiatrist is a chasidic rabbi, the scion of a rabbinic dynasty, and the patient is a nun, the scene is more striking."

And so begins a most interesting review of The Rabbi and the Nuns in the NY Jewish Week. Rabbi Abraham Twerski explains that, although he had already written over 60 books, he had never covered the chapter of his life where he served as Director of Psychiatry at St. Francis Hospital in Pittsburgh, and - “It was too good an experience to let go."


Readers learns of Rabbi Twerski's unique relationship he had to his Catholic patients - "He shared a friendship with the bishop...When the cardinal would visit, he always ended their meetings with, 'Bless me, rabbi.'  In fact, many nuns and priests would ask for his blessing."

Through his pen, his audience is enlightened not only by interesting stories, but also his ability to engage and understand individuals:

"As a writer, Rabbi Twerski’s style is straightforward and engaging, expressing profound ideas simply. He has a genuine confidence in individuals’ resiliency and ability to turn their lives around, recognizing that some need more help."

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