At the last Links Shabbaton, Rabbi Rubinstein told us that he had a new book coming out on Sha’ar Habitachon and  from that point until I got my review copy, I became a perpetual nudge “Rabbi Rubinstein….I want to review this book and see if I can include in the upcoming Links magazine”

See, I don’t like to promise to include any book because I want to read it first and see if it’s something I think you’d enjoy and gain from.

In this case, it’s a yes and yes.

I’ve seen some refer to this as a sefer and in some ways it is. It has the original text of Chovos Halevavos translated as you would expect in a “sefer” and that is fantastic. But I think, if I had to be honest, many of you will enjoy it more for its “book” element. The introduction alone make the whole book worthwhile!

Few authors are as candid and refreshingly honest as Rabbi Rubinstein is. Few authors tell as many fabulous stories one after the next in the introduction! In fact, the book (see I’m going to call it that!) contains lots and lots of stories. Stories that  take bitachon from an abstract concept and make it into something very very real.

Past the intro, the footnotes and insight sections (see graphic inset) crystalize so many of the deep concepts that the Chovos Halevavos writes. See, you could “read” Shaar Habitachon and you can even “learn” Shaar Habitachon and both are nice but  this book/sefer won’t let you stop there—it will make you LIVE Shaar Habitachon.

And that is the only way for us to heal our individual and collective broken hearts.


Reviewed by: Sarah Rivkah Kohn