Tamar of Venice and Moshe of Japan are the first two books of the Young Lamplighter series which describe the experiences of Jewish children living abroad in exotic cities and the influences they have on the Jewish population there. Written from the perspective of the emissary children, the books expose young readers to other cultures and enlighten them with other ways of life.

A recent review in The Jewish Connection explains that the books "focus on the mesiras nefesh of the children":

"The stories are told by the children who see themselves (correctly) as integral partners with their parents in helping to spread the Yiddishkeit to Jews in regions where the light of Torah might seem most dim and hopeless."

Aside from their loyalty and contributions to the Jewish nation, these children are, afterall, still children. They go to school like any other kids...with a few minor (ok, major) differences:

"School for Moshe begins not in the morning, but in the afternoon at 4 P.M. , when he opens his computer for his online school...she [Tamar] travels to her Jewish school each morning on a gondola..."

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