Meet Menucha Fuchs. Israeli children have been reading her books for decades. She has been identified as one of Israel’s top ten authors and earned a place as one of the hundred most influential religious Israelis. Educators and parents alike praise her work for its ability to teach valuable lessons through quality writing and memorable characters.

            Now,  the works of premier Israeli author, Menucha Fuchs will be available to the English speaking public through Menucha Publishing. Young children and early readers, together with their parents, will be able to benefit from the beloved books that have made Fuchs into a household name across Israel. Culling from her experience as a mother, parenting consultant and seasoned author, Fuchs takes her books beyond ordinary stories. With a knack for language and a keen understanding of childhood development, she infuses her books with timely lessons on values and good behavior that aid parents as much as they educate children.

 Menucha Publishing will be distributing all of Menucha Fuchs’ books in the United States.