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Surprise! and other stories

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A book of fantastic short stories for teens

Additional Information

ISBN 9781614656548
Author Dina Neuman
Cover type Hardcover
Pages 168


Temima was fun, popular, and smart. When did she become the class nothing, the laughingstock? She shuts down and dreams her life away—until a sudden close call changes everything.

Mazel tov! Yoel Kutner won a million-dollar sweepstakes, and he’s eager to share his newfound wealth—in the most unlikely ways. Will his fantasies of owning a personal yacht, Lego Lair, and helipad really come true?

Rachel stands out in the lunchroom with her homemade soup and crustless sandwiches. When her algebra mark reaches an all-time low, can she gather the courage to set things straight?

In this dazzling collection by popular Ami writer Dina Neuman, teens deal with pesky siblings and well-meaning parents, annoying group projects and fickle friends. These powerful stories will leave you totally inspired and entertained. Surprised?

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