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The Breath and Body of Inner Torah

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Take another step toward wholeness and holiness...

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ISBN 978-1-56871-515-5
Author Miriam Millhauser Castle
Cover type Softcover
Pages 331


Too many of us go through life aware of our thoughts, yet disconnected from our bodies. We forget that the body is home to the soul and that harmony of body and soul is the Divine purpose of our physical existence. Without even realizing it, we stifle ourselves and hold back from embracing our full quotient of life force. It's no wonder we feel less vital, less alive, and less connected to ourselves and G-d than we'd like.

In this third book in the widely acclaimed Inner Torah series, well-known author, healer, and teacher Miriam Millhauser Castle once again leads us closer to our deepest truths, our greatest potential, and our highest aspirations.

With a rich blend od Torah insights, real-life stories, and holistic explorations that can be easily incorporated into daily life, The Breath and Body of Inner Torah invites us to recliam our soul's home in this world. Covering such core topics as breath, voice, movement, touch, energy, and boundaries, it reveals ways to navigate the challenges of life with more ease - more serenity - than we ever thought possible.

The Breath and Body of Inner Torah is a remarkable guide to living a fully embodied life - a life of authentic relationship with self, with others, and with G-d.